Practical Textbook of Western Armenian 2022


FOR BEGINNERS – Bilingual textbooks
by Haroutiun Kurkjian (English adaptation: V. Pattie, R. Sethian)

Bilingual self-teaching method for English or French speakers, used in many programs for the intensive teaching of Armenian, and in University curricula 384 pages, including translation of texts, exercises with answer keys, supplement of texts adapted from Armenian literature, and a glossary of 1800 words used in the textbook.

Why to recommend this Textbook ?
Because it applies a self-teaching method. It is essentially bilingual. Language problems are explained clearly and briefly, in simple English or French, Each text is accompanied by its translation and each exercise by its answer key. Especially, If you have acquired also the complete CD-recording, learning Armenian will become an easy and pleasant task;

Because it uses a practical method. No theory to study; no grammar rules to learn by heart; grammar is just introduced by foot-notes; it only helps to understand the text better. Each chapter introduces only one or two new items, not more than a dozen new words, integrated living patterns, sentences to listen to, to repeat and to understand most naturally, by practical assimilation;

Because, finally, this self-directlng Textbook provides you with all you need: a multilevel program of sequential instruction in reading comprehension, vocabulary development, simple and correct language patterns; it also incorporates a first approach to Armenian literature.

Please note :

– slight variations between the recording and the texts of some lessons; and a silence of about 25 seconds before Lesson One.

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